How Much Does it Cost to Build a Pole Home?

The best answer I can give you is this...  

There are all sorts of variables that make up the cost to build any new home.  It certainly does cost more to build a pole home than a comparable standard concrete ‘slab on ground’ home.   My standard design pole homes start in the mid $300,000’s to build, but remember our standard inclusions ensure you get the best quality build and fittings.  This is for a completely finished home. This is subject to your site conditions, and does not include allowance for bush fire water tanks and sewage treatment plant. 

The increased price to build a pole home is of course due the nature of the slope.  We need to bore piers into the ground to hold the poles. A Geotech Report may also highlight the need for more or increased depth of piers to secure your home on the slope.  The poles require bracing so your home doesn’t move and depending on the sites wind rating more bracing may also be required.  We also need to use scaffolding to access the home as we build it so we can add the roof, cladding and paint it.

Pole Home - Slab on Ground Comparison

I believe the benefits of building a pole home are certainly worth the extra cost and far outweigh any of the disadvantages.   

Often when you buy a building site that requires a pole home, the cost of a sloped property is less than an equivalent flat, or near flat site that could have a ‘slab on ground’ build.  So overall the cost of your beautiful new home and land, may not be any more than a flat site build.

In some cases a slab on ground could be built on a sloping site but this would require special engineering design, major earthworks and retaining wall construction not to mention how ugly all that would look. This would all incur extra costs that work out to a similar cost to a pole home build anyway.

My Major Pole Home Benefit

To me the major benefit of a pole home is simple. I will design your home to meet both your needs and lifestyle in a home.  You get a beautiful new home that fits onto your site, makes the most of the site by retaining its natural beauty and features and most of all - you get an outlook!  

And remember my standard inclusions mean there are no extra costs on your new pole home.  When we finish your home I get cleaners in to give it a thorough clean so you can just back the truck up, move in and start living!  Easy!

To discuss this or anything else I can help you with, please don't hesitate to contact me.

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