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Imagine relaxing on your brand new deck, enjoying the summer breeze while overlooking the stunning landscape of southeast Queensland . . . that’s the Queensland lifestyle at its best and it could be your new lifestyle to enjoy.

The Pole Home Group offers smart, practical and affordable housing concepts for sloping and difficult building sites. Through clever design we maximise the desirable aspects of your site such as summer breezes and minimise those that are undesirable.

Below are some of our most popular concept floor plans. These designs are available as elevated (pole homes), split-level, or slab on ground homes. Have a browse through them -­- it may be that one of these concepts suits your needs perfectly, or does so with some minor modification. Or they may just give you an idea of what features appeal to you and what is possible for your new home.

Of course, we can design a completely fresh and unique concept as individual as you.

Concept Floor Plans

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